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Independent Facilitation Training

Independent Facilitation is a method of person-centered planning that allows an individual to plan their life how they see fit. The Developmental Disabilities Institute offers training to people looking to become Independent Facilitators. The following are some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) regarding Independent Facilitation:
What is Independent Facilitation?
Independent facilitation is part of the person-centered planning process. It assures you that you have an ally in directing your person-centered planning meeting.
What is an Independent Facilitator?
An Independent Facilitator responds directly to your dreams, desires and personal goals. The facilitator coordinates the planning process and assures that the plan is clear to all planning participants and is ready for implementation.
Who can be your Independent Facilitator?
You do have a choice of who can be your Independent Facilitator
  • You can be your own Independent Facilitator
  • Someone that you trust can be your Independent Facilitator
  • Someone trained as an Independent Facilitator can be used. This can be someone other than your existing Support Coordinator.
What does an Independent Facilitator do?
Independent Facilitators can do all of the following:
  • Help you identify your dreams and goals
  • Assist you in arranging your planning meeting
  • Keep your meetings focused on you (person-centered)
  • Make sure you are heard and understood
  • Provide information on a variety of supports (i.e. natural, community, system)
What does an Independent Facilitator NOT do?
Independent Facilitators DO NOT generally perform the following duties:
  • Decide what will be paid for in your plan
  • Authorize your services and supports
  • Benefit from the outcome of your plan
What kind of follow up can you expect?
 Your Independent Facilitator will contact you to see:
  • How things are going
  • If you need additional meetings or assistance
Where can you find an Independent Facilitator?
You can locate an Independent Facilitator by:
  • Asking someone you know and trust
  • Asking your Support Coordinator to get you the names and resumes of facilitators who are formally trained in one of the methods of plan facilitation and who have experience in completing plans that have been successfully implemented
  • Do it yourself!  
Angela Martin and Elizabeth Janks at DDI Offices.