Home & Community Based Services Trainers

The Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Self-Advocate: Leaders as Trainers project provides individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with an opportunity to educate their community regarding the importance of the HCBS rule and its impact on services and supports. Trainers are informed by policy, developed training materials, and valuable lived experiences. 


HCBS trainers, pictured from left to right: Blake Perry,

Leonardo Bravo, Julie Fitzsimons, Jamie Junior, and Alex Kimmel

Local Project Coordinators, pictured from left to right:

Amelia Allen, Salli Christenson, and Amy Peckinpaugh


HCBS trainers are available to educate individuals and families through in-person trainings and webinars. The HCBS Self-Advocate: Leaders as Trainers project is a state-wide initiative. Trainers conduct and coordinate trainings across Michigan. 

This project is developed in partnership with the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Institute, Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council, and The Arc Michigan. 



To schedule a training or for more information, please reach out to a Local Project Coordinator:  

Amy Peckinpaugh
Michigan Developmental Disabilities Institute 
Phone: (313) 577-0333
Email: amypeckinpaugh@wayne.edu
Amelia Allen
Michigan Developmental Disabilities Institute 
Phone: (313) 577-0318
Email: amelia.allen@wayne.edu
Salli Christenson
The Arc Michigan
Phone: (517) 492-5027
Email: salli.c@arcmi.org


Logos of Michigan Developmental Disabilities Institute, and Developmental Disabilities Council