Voting Rights for People with Disabilities

Did you know?

There are only 13 days left to register to vote for the August primary election. Even though some view the primary as "not a real election," it is a very important step in the electoral process. The primary election will narrow down the field of those seeking public office to only a the top candidates. That is why it is critically important that you cast your vote for the person you would like to see in the general election. Please remember:

  • You have the constitutional right to vote
  • No one can tell you how to vote or who to vote for
  • Your vote counts! Races have been won and lost over 1 or 2 votes<
  • If you have not registered, please do so. You have to register by July 9, 2018 to vote in the primary election
  • If needed, you have the right to have anyone you choose help you cast your vote except an employer or union official
  • Visit Michigan Secretary of State website to find the latest election information for your district

Remember, it is your right to vote!

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