ACTION NEEDED: DD Council Impacted by Proposed Partnerships for Innovation, Inclusion, and Independence

Date: August 4th, 2017

The Administration on Community Living (ACL), our Federal funder, is requiring all public comments on The Partnerships for Innovation, Inclusion, and Independence (P3I) proposal be submitted by Friday, August 11, 2017. If implemented as written, P3I would eliminate DD  Councils, State Independent Living Councils, and Traumatic Brain Injury Programs as they currently exist. It would combine the existing functions of these very different  programs while cutting $57 million from the combined budget. 

Why is this proposal a problem?

  • Dismantling the infrastructure and accountability in the DD Councils directly compromises the opportunities of people with I/DD to advocate for and participate in projects that provide direct, innovative improvement to their quality of life.
  • As structured, the DD Councils are required to support self-advocacy -we facilitate training and leadership opportunities for people with I/DD and their families, while encouraging and supporting engagement in public policy discussions, something unique from the other potential partners.
  • As structured, DD Councils have a strong, focused voice in the process of educating and informing policymakers at the state, local, and federal levels; conducting the critical work of bringing together individuals with I/DD, families, organizations and state government agencies to collaborate on improving opportunities for people with I/DD towards real inclusion in their own communities.
  • In place since 1973, the DD Council is a recognized resource in the DD community, playing a unique role in our state.
  • We are respected for collaborating with and including adults with I/DD in meaningful ways to improve services, create public policy, and increase best practice in innovative ways.

What are we asking the ACL to do?

In addition to sharing your unique and important story, we would like you to ask the  Administration to slow this process down! Before making such a sweeping change in the only organization in our state that is providing the services and projects listed above, the affected community (YOU!) should have more than a couple of weeks to respond and  comment.

Additionally, many people in Michigan do not have access to the internet or do not use a computer. Therefore, we have no way to quickly get this information out. We also do not have time to translate this opportunity into additional languages.

EVERYONE who wishes to participate in this important process needs to submit their public comment or post a video of yourself speaking about the DD Council by Friday, August 11, to the following link: P3l-comments@acl.hhs.2ov

Click on the button below to read Michigan Development Disabilities Council's full letter that highlights why proposal is problematic, and some of the projects, services and policies which have been successfully implemented, in part, by the strong role the Michigan DD Council has played.

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