MI-DDI Featured as an Accredited Host Organization for IASSIDD Academy International Visits Program

The Michigan Developmental Disabilities Institutes (MI-DDI) was accepted as an accredited host organization by the International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities' (IASSIDD) Academy for their International Visits Program. Recently, MI-DDI was added to the IASSIDD Host webpage, which lists each of the eight host organizations from countries all across the world. The IASSIDD Academy on Education, Teaching and Research facilitate the International Visits Program, which provides IASSIDD members from any country with an opportunity to visit an accredited organization, community agency, university, hospital, etc. for a period of approximately two weeks.

Those interested in becoming visitors must submit an application and be approved for the visit by the assigned committee of the IASSIDD Academy. Visitors engages in learning opportunities such as attending classes, accompanying a particular support worker on his/her daily work, taking part in consultations and meetings, assisting with research, or a combination of these types of things. To learn more about the International Visits Program please visit: https://www.iassidd.org

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