MSU Autism Lab - Research Opportunity for Families

MSU Autism Lab, is currently recruiting families of young children with autism for a research study (18 months to 96 months of age, with limited language skills). The study provides families with varying levels of supports for their children. Most of the study participation is completed remotely via internet/skype, and we provide laptops as needed so that participation is accessible for a wide range of families. Families must be within 2-hours driving distance from Lansing.

What is it?

Parent involvement in intervention is key to improving outcomes for children with ASD.  This project is designed to measure the effectiveness of different components of an internet-based program designed to improve parent involvement in intervention for families of young  children with ASD. 

What will you do?

Families will complete the following over a 9 month period:

  • An initial intake assessment including standardized, observation, and parent report measures.
  • Participation in one of three groups over 4 to 6 months: a self-directed training group, therapist-assisted training group, or web-based information and support group.
  • A 3 month follow-up assessment

To participate, your child must:

  • Have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Be between 18 and 96 months of age
  • Meet other inclusion criteria

Contact Information:

MSU Autism Lab
Phone: 517-432-8031

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