L.I.F.E. Perspective

The L.I.F.E. perspective (Leadership, Interdisciplinary, Family-Centered, Equity) is intertwined within all aspects of the MI-LEND trainee experience. Key L.I.F.E. questions and topics are listed for consideration below.


  • What leadership strengths/styles can I bring to this situation?

  • What strategies can I use to facilitate creativity, innovation, collaboration, and leadership?

  • How can I better facilitate learning between the classroom and the workplace?

  • How can I address identified gaps in the service system?

  • What tools can be used to avoid or resolve conflicts?


  • What is my role in identification, assessment, and treatment?

  • What does each discipline bring to the care of a child and family?

  • How do disciplines interact as a team?

  • How can I more effectively communicate with other professionals on my team?

  • How can we demonstrate respect for other's knowledge and approach to a problem?

Family-Professional Partnership

  • Who are the members of the family?

  • What are their current roles?

  • How can family strengths be built upon to better support the child with a disability?

  • How does the family want to engage with professionals?

  • How can community resources be used to supplement family resources to better support the child?

  • How can the clinician work as a team with other providers and the family, even across geographic distance?


  • Who is accessing/benefiting from our programs? Who is not?

  • Who is at risk for disparate outcomes in the health system?

  • What are the barriers, differential impacts? What can we do to change that?

  • Why are some people at greater risk? How can we reach and engage them?

  • How are our actions relevant to specific populations?

  • How can we improve our surveillance system and build the ones that collect the data we need?