NCI Interviewers

National Core Indicators (NCI) are used across states to assess the outcomes of services provided to individuals and families. Indicators address key areas of concern including employment, rights, service planning, community inclusion, choice, and health and safety.

Participating states use the data to:

  • Address individual satisfaction and experience with supports
  • Track key outcomes across multiple years
  • Compare outcomes to other states and to the NCI average

In 2020-2021, Michigan is doing the Adult In-Person Survey which is a face-to-face interview completed with individuals who are 18 years of age or older and receiving at least one paid service from the state (in addition to case management). Michigan selects the survey participants randomly.

If you have been randomly selected to participate in the interview, you may have received a letter that discussed who may be the interviewer(s) in your area. Below, you will find the name and/or picture of the person who may show up to interview you.