New article published on LIFE framework to develop emerging leaders

A new article was published by Dr. Sharon Milberger and MI-LEND Program colleagues from both Wayne State University and Michigan State University. The article, entitled "Using a LIFE Framework to Develop MCH Leaders", examines the impact that the MI-LEND 'LIFE' framework has on the development of essential competencies identified within the leadership program.

Link to article.

The Maternal Child Health (MCH) Bureau created MCH Leadership Competencies to support current and future leaders by defining the knowledge and skills necessary to lead in this field. The Michigan-LEND (MI-LEND) training program developed a ‘LIFE framework’, an acronym that stands for Leadership, Interdisciplinary, Family-Professional Partnerships, and Equity, to codify the 12 MCH leadership competencies into an easy to remember and easy to apply structure. This manuscript addresses the question: Does the LIFE framework align with the 12 MCH Leadership Competencies? Our hypothesis is that MI-LEND trainees will demonstrate improvement in their self-assessment of the 12 MCH leadership competencies after completing the MI-LEND program which uses the LIFE framework.

For more information about this article or the MI-LEND program, please contact the MI-LEND Training Director, Michael Bray, at

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