Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) guides the work of MI-DDI, ensuring the voices of Michigan residents with disabilities, their families, friends, and supporters are heard. The CAC assures that individual, group, and community concerns and needs are addressed by the work of MI-DDI as it executes its five-year strategic plan.

List of CAC members

Name Organizational Affiliation
Leslynn Angel UCP Detroit - UCP Michigan
Elizabeth Bauer Consultant/Family Member
Sherri Boyd The Arc Michigan
Ed Carlson Peer Mentor/Self-Advocate
Vendella Collins Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council
Alice Frame Michigan Department of Health and Human Services/Self-Advocate
Jennifer Hirst Michigan Rehabilitation Services
Chris Lerchen Family Member
LuAnn Loy Partners in Policymaking/Family Member
Mark McWilliams Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services, Inc.
Neva Nahan Wayne State University, School of Social Work/Family Member
Christopher Samp City of Detroit, Office of Disability Affairs/Self-Advocate
Robert Stein Michigan Assisted Living Association
Jillian Trumbull Oakland Community Health Network
Jane Turner Pediatrician, MI-LEND Co-Director
Barbara Valliere UCP Michigan/Self-Advocate
Janey Vermeulen Peer Mentor/Self-Advocate
Rita Walters Michigan State University/Family Member
Janis Weckstein Michigan Department of Education
Denise White-Perkins Henry Ford Health System