Professional & Provider Training

To request any of the training listed below, or to request training on topics not listed here, please click the link below to submit the MI-DDI Training Request Form.

Empowerment Education Training for Direct Support Professionals

Emergency Preparedness Training for Persons with Disabilities, Care Takers, and Family Members

  • Being prepared for emergencies such as fires and natural disasters can be the difference bewteen life and death.
  • This preparedness is essential for individuals with disabilities, their families, and their caretakers.
  • This training provides information and tools that can be put into place to aid individuals with disabilities in times of emergency.

Disability Awareness Training for First Responders

  • Disability Awareness Training for First Responders provides training that highlights the needs and unique situations that individuals with disabilities have and how these needs can be critical during times of emergency and/or natural disasters

Self-Determination & Person Centered Planning

  • Self-Determination: Getting a Good Life
  • Advancing Self-Determination Through Peer-to-Peer Supports
  • Person Centered Planning (Two-Part Training)
  • Self-Determination and Person-Centered Planning: Building a Successful Future for People with Disabilities
  • Family Support Navigator Training
  • Community Liaison: Parent Mentor Training
  • What You Should Know About Community Living (Transition from Group Homes)
  • Steps to Becoming an Effective Advocate
  • Leaders in Policy Advocacy: Self-Determination
  • Self-Advocacy and Family Support