Professional & Provider Training

Direct Support Professionals:

  • Empower Education Training

Emergency Preparedness Training for Persons with Disabilities, Care Takers, Family Members, and First Responders:

  • Disability Awareness Training for First Responders

Independent Facilitation:

  • Preparation of Independent Facilitators
  • General Awareness of Independent Facilitation for Person-Centered Planning

Self-Determination & Person Centered Planning:

  • Self-Determination: Getting a Good Life
  • Advancing Self-Determination Through Peer-to-Peer Supports
  • Person Centered Planning (Two Part Training)
  • Self-Determination and Person-Centered Planning: Building a Successful Future for People with Disabilities
  • Family Support Navigator Training
  • Community Liaison: Parent Mentor Training
  • What You Should Know About Community Living (Transition from Group Homes)
  • Steps to Becoming an Effective Advocate
  • Leaders in Policy Advocacy: Self-Determination
  • Self-Advocacy and Family Support