ARIE Co-Curricular Project


The ARIE Co-Curricular Project is a joint effort between MI-DDI and the Wayne State University School of Medicine. The aim is to assist medical students in obtaining volunteer hours while directly working with families of children with disabilities. First and second-year medical students meet with families who have children with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities. MI-DDI provides evidence-based Family Support and Disability Awareness training to the medical students that participate in this project and to recruit families.


The goal of this project is to give medical students an opportunity to interact with families in order to learn about the unique stressors families of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities face. The medical students coordinate the family visits; conduct a brief survey with the families, offer resources and age-appropriate gifts to the children. Parents and caregivers are compensated for their time to participate in the project.

Be Part of ARIE!

The ARIE project is currently looking for families of children with disabilities to participate in the coming year. You can view and download the project recruitment flyer here. Or you can review the family criteria below. 

To participate, you must:A mother and her 3 children posing in front of a wall with vines and leaves at the Detroit Zoo. The young boy in front is in a wheelchair.

  • Have a child with a disability under the age of 26
  • Partake in 45-minute to 1-hour virtual or inperson home meetings for each home
    • Medical students will provide two virtual or in-person home visits with your family

For your participation, you will receive:

  • A $75 stipend for participating
  • A confidential family quality of life assessment
  • Information about resources to assist your family
  • A small gift for your child for participating



Elizabeth Janks
Phone: (313) 577-6368