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Students Sharing Success (S3) is a Wayne State University student organization that provides WSU students with different social and academic resources and supports. S3 strives to create accessible, student-focused activities and provide strategies that WSU students with diverse learning needs can employ as they pursue their educational goals. S3 is led by peer mentors who are WSU students themselves and have been trained as peer mentors. The group is also a source of social engagement, where students can come to ask questions, find out what's going on around campus, and to just chat and connect with friends.

Mission and Goal

Students Sharing Success (S3) provides an inclusive space for individuals with diverse learning needs to access their abilities and gain useful tools to promote educational success and self-advocacy skills.

The goal of S3 is to promote diverse learning styles, inclusivity, and self-advocacy. S3 hosts a variety of events throughout the school year that advances their mission. S3 members engage in group meetings, roundtable discussions, interactive presentations, and much more!


  • Increase use of on-campus resources
  • Promote self-advocacy within academic settings
  • Promote the importance of disability's role in the diversity scale
  • Promote various and diverse learning styles amongst the group
  • Provide presentations on diverse learning, adaptive and assistive technology

Ways to Keep in Touch

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Nia Anderson
S3 Student Organization Coordinator
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S3 Student Assistant
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